Alpine Linux A linux distribution which uses the musl C library designed for high performance and security through minimalism in userspace.
Atheme IRC services package which drove significant user experience changes in legacy IRC and started the IRCv3 working group.
Audacious A multi-platform (X11, Windows, Mac) audio player which has wide format support.
charybdis The reference server implementation of the IRCv3.1 client protocol, used as a basis for many of the largest IRC networks.
DroneBL A realtime monitor of infected machines which provides protection for IRC, SMTP, SSH servers and more.
elasticsearch-eventlet An asynchronous elasticsearch client designed to be used with eventlet.
IRCv3 The IRCv3 organization defines the next revision of the IRC client protocol.
keyvalued A lightweight key-value LRU cache designed for JSON document storage.
libguess High performance character set determination for most language families.
mammon A work-in-progress replacement for the legacy IRC stack which is built from a modern features first perspective.
pkgconf A replacement for pkg-config which is used in many distributions and operating systems such as FreeBSD and Alpine.
slabbed-or-not A tool for determining whether or not your cheap lowendbox.com vps is really running inside a hypervisor (slabbing).