Upgrading a production machine to Alpine 3.x - the definitive guide 23 Mar 2014

This documents my upgrade process to the Alpine 3.0 tree from Alpine 2.8 tree. In reality, they are the same tree, but with different build parameters… specifically Alpine 3.0 uses Musl and Alpine 2.8 does not. Alpine 2.8 is also the last planned release series featuring uClibc.

The first step is to make sure you are using a modern apk-tools. Upgrade your system to 2.8 development (edge) if you’ve not done so already. Then install the static-linked version of apk-tools:

$ apk add apk-tools-static

Now modify your /etc/apk/repositories file to use the edge-musl repository. I recommend using this URL, but I may be biased:

@testing http://mirrors.centarra.com/alpine/edge-musl/testing

Now do the actual upgrade. We’re going to use some flags that are not typically used, but are necessary to pivot the system safely into the new libc environment.

$ apk.static update
$ apk.static upgrade --available --no-self-upgrade

You are now running Musl, but you probably noticed that your configs for mkinitfs are wrong. Lets fix that and then reinstall the kernel package.

Change your /etc/mkinitfs/files.d/base to contain these lines:


Now we just reinstall the kernel package:

$ apk fix linux-grsec

Voila. We can now reboot and be purely on Musl.