On the topic of Snoonet 04 Jan 2015

So, there is this network called Snoonet. People have occasionally asked me what the problem was between the Atheme community and Snoonet, so I will attempt to explain it.

When Snoonet first adopted the Atheme platform, they had large ambitions. At first, the relationship was good and productive. There were a few things we found eyebrow-raising, such as the plans to raise funding to pay IRCops for their services (this in itself isn’t really that surprising, and other networks running on the Atheme platform do operate this way), but they weren’t really a major concern to us.

Then towards the beginning of October 2013, Snoonet got a new staffer named “idahodude” (new to us anyway). This person came into our channels with the wrong attitude, basically attacking the platform because he couldn’t be bothered to read any documentation at all, blaming the maxclients setting on his IRCd on the software, instead of his misconfiguration. We went out of our way to explain what rlimits on UNIX are to him, but he still felt it was a problem in charybdis, instead of taking a few moments to understand the documentation. At this point, we recommended he hire an admin company to configure his IRC network. Later we discovered this particular user had an agenda to move the network to InspIRCd anyway, which was fine by us if that was going to be the future.

We ultimately wound up banning their admins from our channels, with the exception of MilleniumFalc0n, who seemed reasonable enough. Later Snoonet decided to migrate to Anope when the Atheme maintenance baton was passed over to downstream forks, which is fine. We then decided to ban the last remaining Snoonet participant as frankly, we were tired of having to remember that this network existed to begin with and had staff who could not read documentation.

tl;dr: IRC network claimed to be a “corporation” (Snoonet, Inc.) and wasn’t, offered “paid staff positions” but not really, and generally wasted our time, resulting in their “network director” (some teenaged kid) picking a fight with us.

Anyway, that is all I am going to say on the matter. Apparently the “network owner” decided to ban me from the /r/irc subreddit thingy, while slagging me through the mud, so I figured I would clarify my point of view on the comments that he made (since you know, he banned me after attacking me, probably so I couldn’t reply this way).