About kaniini

A rabbit pretending to be a person, kaniini is very strange.

I have been heavily involved in the open source and free software world for over a decade. Major interest areas of research and development include:

pkgconf, a project I lead development of, is a core component of nearly every modern embedded development toolchain, as well as nearly half of the GNU/Linux and other UNIX-like systems presently deployed.

My work on IRC ranging from atheme, charybdis, the IRCv3 client protocol standards, and modern IRC stacks such as mammon demonstrate domain expertise concerning development on top of the IRC protocol stack. Many IRC software packages contain smaller contributions from me as well.

Research and development surrounding mitigation of network anomalies include development of ddosmon and critical engineering input for several other open-source and proprietary detection and mitigation technologies.

Contacting kaniini

The best way to contact me is via IRC, if my client is idle just leave a message and I will get back to you if necessary.

Business inquiries should be sent to my business. Depending on business requirements, other contact methods can be arranged of course.